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🛣️ Roadmap

Product development roadmap for

OctoFi is an open source platform for aggregating thousands of decentralized finance investment opportunities.

Our users will always receive the most accurate market data thanks to incentivised oracle aggregators (tentacles) kept honest by the community

Value for $OCTO Holders

Because our community is everything to us, OCTO holders:

  • Will unlock exclusive advanced features
  • Will claim their respective share of platform trading fees
  • Will receive fees/revenue with payouts distributed in ETH
  • Will direct platform decisions via governance
  • Won’t need to pay fees for trading

Development Roadmap


  • Feature allowing access to OCTO holders only
  • History tab to display all of your wallet’s transactions
  • TokenSet integration with investment opportunities (by end of month)
  • Integrating our Snapshot.Page governance into UI (by end of month)
  • Dark / light mode for those DeFi late nights
  • Explore tab
  • First Beta version of Oracle aggregation (Tentacles) as crypto market overview and price feed (by end of month)
  • Fiat on/off-ramp into DeFi
  • Pool aggregation (Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Bancor)
  • Dashboard to track your portfolio
  • And lots of other small things…

Visit our changelog for full details of all releases.

🚧 Q4 #NoCexNovember 2020

  • First release of our frontend mockups for the upcoming interface
  • Aquafarm Update with TokenSets, Snapshot.Page aggregation, oracle beta
  • Lending and Borrowing aggregation for Compound and Aave
  • Fundamental development for final platform release

🚧 Q4 #DEXember 2020

  • First Version of our CEX competitor running directly under with completed design (Basic and Advanced Trading)
  • Trading experience will be open for testing
  • Adding of derivatives trading
  • Adding of market maker functions
  • Listing of new assets via our integration
  • Combining all liquidity pools into one, for frictionless trading experience
  • Adding of NFT trading interface (shoutout to community contributor Nathan)

🚧 Q1 January 2021

  • Trading fee sharing for OCTO holders
  • Drag and drop DeFi trading strategy builder (inspired by Furucombo)
  • Adding and exploration of bridges, gateways, and cross-chain swaps (BTC / EOS / TRON)
  • Mirrors of the platform to make deployment as decentralized as possible
  • Saving of config files, so you can always take your settings with you
  • More information will be released in due course.